2015 Chatelaine PROFIT W100 Ranking
We needed a top-notch information architecture firm. We were amazed at how efficiently the Usability Matters team was able to accomplish this task.

— Cathy Wing

Co-Executive Director, MediaSmarts

Passion for Projects

We’re lucky enough to have truly interesting projects, and we love our work. We care about people, and this shows in the responsibility and attention we put into our projects.

Planning, Conducting, and Analyzing User Research

In the last episode of Putting Users in UX, Steven and Terry dove into the mechanics of effective user research.

PanAm Games Website: A Winning User Experience?

While the physical events will take place in more than 30 venues, visitors will rely on online information to guide them through.

3 Easy Ways to Improve the Accessibility of Your User Interface Today

Developing an accessible digital product is important, but requires some planning.